For when they come

For when they come.

The long nights,

The cold abyss,

The hours spent fleeting through,

Not living, just existing, and just being.

For those moments, remember these moments;

Remember earth.

Water gliding over your skin as you learnt to swim,

Freezing in the cold, making snow angels in a white wonderland,

Breathing in the dense saltiness of the air at Cape Coast,

Walking through the silent majesties of paths long forgotten,

Remember Ecstasy,

The pure pleasure of discovering good food,

Dancing, because there’s a new tune to fall in love with.

Looking through a lens and finding freedom waiting,

Opening up a book and getting lost in the tale.

Remember laughter,

Shared with kindred souls at midnight in Volta Park,

Laughing with colleagues at strangers attempting to sing on a Friday night,

Exchanging stories with mother when the power went off,

Giggling from the passenger seat at a joke he tried to make.

For all those moments worth living for,

Live a second longer, Give yourself morning.

Give yourself a chance to live.


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