The Collector’s Box Vol.8

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Recently, I have been questioning my approach to finances and the trade offs between money and success. I loved the stories of these 5 amazing, unconventional CEOs and what being financially sound means to them.
I was lucky, I stumbled upon my current industry and it was love at first sight. Not everyone is that fortunate. Here’s a fill-in list to narrow down prospective career choices .
I feel a lot of people are identify as feminists because well, Beyoncé made “flawless” or Dior wrote “we should all be feminists” on shirts that retail for $700. As always, chimamanda succintly describes my frustration at these people.
This is for all the times I was not praised for work I did.
And here’s a delightful video about the ugliness of dating.

Dams 🙂

Even though I’m more of a quiet listener and I tend to keep my opinions/ideas to myself till I’m very convinced of the rightness of my opinions (which is usually hardly ever), I think it’s important to have conversations about important issues, open conversations that allow for sharing of ideas and differing views on issues. This sort of conversation encourages sharing and enables learning beyond what we know. It allows us to see things from a different perspective, consider them, understand our differences, and correct/modify them where necessary. The point of conversation shouldn’t just be to show off what you know, but also to learn something.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet lately, and especially on Twitter. It’s not the most productive way to spend time, but very often I come across back-and-forths and mini op-eds (a.k.a threads) on so many issues ranging from gender relations to morality and even politics & governance. I don’t contribute a lot, but I love to observe, learn a thing or two, gauge the popular opinion, compare with mine and come to my own conclusions.

Recently,  there has been some talk about a comment Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie made concerning transgender women and feminism.  While I’m ill-equiped with knowledge or experience to give an opinion or make any judgement, it has been interesting for me reading various twitter threads and articles on the topic. Here is one of the articles I came across, on why trans women should be included in the movement for gender equality.  Link.

The Republic, a journal on social,  economic and political affairs in Nigeria just released its first issue, titled Women of Nowadays and it has a number of brilliant, well-written essays written by amazing women on women’s issues in Nigeria and across the world. I enjoyed this particular piece on one of the first novels published by an African woman and an important book for African feminism, Efuru by Flora Nwapa.

 “Knowing that, even if, in hindsight, some decisions bring about the end parents or society predicted, I am content because before that end, there was good and satisfaction. And oftentimes, that is worth it.”

Read here.

Next is this animation of an interview where Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie sheds some more light on why it is necessary for Nigerians (and other underreprsented peoples as well) to tell our own stories and share them with ourselves and the world. Link.

I’ve been reading the latest issue of Saraba Magazine and there’s one particular fiction piece on sexual consent and rape that has been on my mind, even days after I read it. It feels a lot like a lost memory but looks like a bad dream. You can find the issue here, look out for “Stop It, I like It”

I’m someone who’s constantly internally battling questions like “why am I not happy?” and “what do I need to be happy?” and “how do I get my brain to accept happiness?”. I have a lot of notions and thoughts on finding happiness and being happy, but more on that in another post maybe. I’ve just come to a point where I’m accepting that “to be happy is to be free” and I need to allow myself to be free, especially of worry. Read this: “The Only Secret To Happiness”  and this. You may find something useful, or something you needed to hear (read) all along in order to be happy.

Lastly, “Voice Lessons: Six Meditations on Language and Authenticity” 

That’s all folks! Have an awesome week.


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